Empower Equity: Alice Graham and Adina David

The final day of Madison Berkeley’s Empower Equity reverse mentoring campaign supported by Ladies in Real Estate (LiRE) and what a week it has been. Thanks so much for your support and please keep sharing the interviews. They’re all available here to ensure that this topic remains high on the agenda and we hope to continue to revisit it throughout the year. Tackling the retention of females within our industry is so very important if we want talented women at senior levels.

For those who have listened all week to the 20-25 minute audio interviews which focus on ED + I you will know no topic regarding women and retention is off limits. These audio interviews are a must-listen for everyone in the industry regardless of gender or seniority. We hope you will share it with your community as well as add your thoughts and comments to the conversation. 

This edition hears Adina David, the powerhouse behind LiRE and also Executive Director at MGT, and MRICS surveyor Alice Graham discuss this:

“I think if they want to see their team grow and they are good managers who care about their team, they find solutions and if they cannot and do not, then that company won’t last very long.”