Empower Equity: Kate Peters & Sophia Clarke

It’s day two of Madison Berkeley’s Empower Equity reverse mentoring campaign supported by Ladies in Real Estate. This campaign aims to tackle the retention of females within our industry. Retention still remains stubbornly low which means we have a low percentage of females at senior level in our industry. We want to start conversations and facilitate change.

Each day this week we will bring you a 20-25 minute audio interview with a junior female within the real estate industry reverse mentoring a senior female in our industry. The focus will be ED + I and as you will hear no topics are off-limits. These audio interviews are a must-listen for everyone in the industry regardless of gender or seniority. We hope you will share it with your community as well as add your thoughts and comments to the conversation. 

In this edition Kate Peters, Director of Prime Residential Valuation at JLL, and Sophia Clarke, Asset Manager at M7 Real Estate discuss this:

“At the time I started my career in the industry there were very few women over 30 in the office other than support staff. Many of the senior women I came across were a little frosty and not desperately approachable – with a steely outer face. Now I understand why. You just didn’t talk about your wives and family then.”

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